Book of the Week: Out of the Silent Planet

‘Out of the Silent Planet’ is book one of C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy. I had never heard of the series before this year and am not an avid sci-fi fan but being from Lewis I decided to give them a chance. The spoilerless plot summary is that it’s about some guys and a space ship and a planet. It us actually not a very complex plot but the details and story are very unique so I’ll leave them be for anyone wanting to read the series.

Out of the Silent Planet (S... Out of the Silent Planet
by C.S. Lewis

At first I was expecting something very different from how the book started. I was discouraged a bit but continued on. About the time I began to get into that it made an about face and threw me again. It took a while to get into the new world Lewis created but once I did it was quite enjoyable. The names can be hard to get and there are obvious suspension of reality moments but all in all it was a great book for having being written prior to most of our common knowledge of space travel and our solar system.

I would highly recommend this to anyone that has the faintest interest in science fiction and still recommend it to anyone who is not but would like a break from the normal novels of our post-modern era.

SPOILERS & Questions for anyone who has read ‘Out of the Silent Planet” by C.S. Lewis: I was not getting into the world at all and the colors and shapes of Malacandra at first. If you have read these books I would love your interpretation of how you imagined it. Also, I never got a good picture of the Sorns in my mind. I love the concept of the sphere ship but the light/dark issues where odd to me. I also was a bit confused about the tablet/pillars with the drawings on them and what they were.