Book of the Week: Perelandra

I just finished Perelandra, book two of C.S. lewis’ space trilogy. It was indeed very different than book one, Out of the Silent Planet, but in a way that is good yet takes nothing away from the first one. I now look at book one as the introduction to the characters and mindset of the series. Perelandra had a few bumps but overall I was thoroughly impressed. There were times I didn’t want to put it down. I read it much quicker than the first one because I was more motivated by the fact that I was in the world and because it is a very active book. There are moments of great peril and many highs and lows for the main character, Elwin Ransom. I feel like the imagery was easier to picture in this book than Out of the Silent planet even though it was no more terrestrial. I highly recommend this book as well and with the general consensus being that book three is the best of the series I am eager to move on.

Perelandra (Space Trilogy #2)

Perelandra (Space Trilogy #2)   by C.S. Lewis

A bit more on the plot of this book (mild spoilers included). It is about our main character Ransom going to his second planet of the series. In the last book he went to Mars, which was an older world than Earth and which had older races. On Venus he is seeing the very beginning of a new race. Modeled after man and even more identifiable as being made in the image of God. There is a king and queen and Weston, Ransom’s old enemy from book one plays a major part. There is a nice twist and some quite unexpected turns, even for this world. I was a bit lost if there is anything more to the sea creatures than secondary billing. I didn’t pick up much significance. Also, I feel like I was supposed to be more attached to the dragon but I wasn’t. The event when Weston is ‘taken over’ was also a bit quick. I don’t know if I missed anything but it just seemed to happen without much fanfare. I think a reread of this will be well worth it just as I think the first book, Out of the Silent Planet, could benefit from one. All in all I am pleased that I found the series and am excited to finish it, though book 3, That Hideous Strength, is much longer.