Book of the Week: That Hideous Strength

“That Hideous Strength,” is book three and the final book of C.S. lewis’ space trilogy. I did read them in order and it took me around a month to read all three so I still very much have all the details from the series in my mind. I will say that they work fine as a trilogy but I think each book could be read independently. Perelandra is book two of C.S. lewis’ space trilogy and book one is Out of the Silent Planet.

That Hideous Strength (Space Trilogy, #3)

That Hideous Strength (Space Trilogy #3)

by C.S. Lewis

I am swimming in indecision on this book at the moment. I loved some parts but others were so confusing in concept that I was lost all together. I think I got the overall concept, the sides, the players and a good deal of meaning and context but I just don’t know how to wrap it up in my mind. I had some issues with this in book one and two but this book is much more so. It is about the size of book one and book two combined and because it is so very different from the others, as they are also very different from themselves, it took some time to get used to the new beginning. The first character that you find that is in the first books comes later in the book and isn’t quite the same either.

I would say that the ride was very enjoyable but trying to make much out of it looking back is a bit difficult. I have a friend that just finished reading them for the third time and I can see how you could easily do that with these books. They don’t lack in imagination or depth of concept and I think as I continue to think back over them and re-read them potentially in the future I will enjoy them even more.

All that being said I would recommend reading this book for several reasons. It was an enjoyable read by one of the literary greats of the last century and it is far from the throw away themes of most sci-fi or fiction in general.